07 August 2013


Restaurant “Svetliy”

The star of “The Big Jazz” Vadim Eilenkrig & DJ LeGran & Jazz Club Project!

On August 7, a new restaurant “SVETLiY” hosted the concert of TV-project “The Big Jazz” star, the best trumpeter of the present time Vadim Eilenkrig & DJ LeGran & Jazz Club Project! The audience was delighted with Vadim Eilenkrig’s club-project, Maria Tarasevich performed together with marvelous musicians compositions in bright and modern arrangements By DJ LeGran. The surprise of the evening was the performance of Soul-singer Veronica Danilova, everyone’s favorite song “Killing me softly” performed by Veronica was well received by the viewers!

20 June 2013

Ekaterina Kazakova, Omar Torrez & Maria Tarasevich

Restaurant ANTREKOT

The concert of Californian star, guitar player and singer OMAR TORREZ (LA)!

On June 20, restaurant ANTREKOT presented the concert of a prominent guitar player and singer from Los Angeles Omar Torrez. Maria Tarasevich was the producer and organizer of the event. Omar Torrez, guitar virtuoso, singer and composer literally struck the audience down by his brilliant playing and performance in flamenco style. The program featured songs written by Maestro. The audience applauded to American star and didn’t want to let him off the stage.

06 June 2013

Bobby Harden

Restaurant PONTON

R&B star, the heartiest singer in New-York BOBBY HARDEN!

On June 6, an exquisite restaurant on the water PONTON within the framework of jazz evenings with Maria Tarasevich hosted a triumphal concert of the heartiest singer in New-York Bobby Harden! The soloist of legendary «The Original Blues Brothers Band», the Soul musician Bobby Harden really made an unforgettable impression on the audience with his emotional R&B performance and tremendous mastery. The program featured songs written by Bobby and word-wide hits! Maria Tarasevich was the show hostess and the organizer.

17 May 2013

Dima Fedorov, Maria Tarasevich and Nina Shatskaya

Restaurant KARLSON

Jazz-Diva Anna Buturlina & RetroArt Irina Minina collection!

On May 17, restaurant KARLSON presented the concert of magnificent jazz Diva Anna Buturlina «My FavoriteSongs», also the exhibition RetroArt of photo-artist Irina Minina’s collection was presented to the audience. Maria Tarasevich was the organizer and the show hostess. Anna Buturlina performed the most romantic jazz songs from Ella Fitzgerald’s repertory, also the program featured songs from Soviet movies in jazz arrangements.

19 April 2013

Lev Lazarev & Alex Gureev


LEV LAZAREV & Le Jazz Magazine Band «The Best of HOLLYWOOD»!

On April 19, restaurant BlackBerry housed a stylish jazz evening strikingly called “Singing Hollywood”! Orchestra soloist Anatoliy Kroll, magnificent singer Lev Lazarev well impressed the audience by brilliant performance of the most favorite songs of American 20th century cinematography! Lev Lazarev presented the audience his splendid «Le Jazz Magazine Band» led by pianist Oleg Kroll. The starring Band include the best Russian musicians: trumpet-player Petr Vostokov, drummer Igor Ignatov, Anna Shlenskaya, saxophonist Aleksandr Gureev.

11 April 2013

Nina Shatskaya

Restaurant BISTROT

The queen of romance, brilliant singer NINA SHATSKAYA!

On April 11, restaurant BISTROT housed the concert of Russian honoured artist, the queen of Russian romance, singer and actress Nina Shatskaya. Nina performed her new program «When I Fall in Love», which included the most beautiful romances and the most favorite songs about love! The audience greeted with tremendous enthusiasm romances performed for verses of Marina Tsvetaeva and Anna Achmatova.

22 March 2013

Maria Tarasevich, Igor Butman and Kirill Gusev

Restaurant BISTROT

The concert of the star of word Jazz arena Sergey Manukyan

On March 22, within the framework of jazz evenings with Maria Tarasevich restaurant BISTROT hosted the concert of word Jazz arena star, multi-instrumentalis, singer, composer and arranger Sergey Manukyan! Sergey Manukyan performed his faerie program «BeMyLove» together with a marvelous pianist Valeri Grohovski. The audience greeted an outstanding musician Sergey Manukyan with big love and delight. The program featured compositions written by Sergey and also worldwide hits.

22 February 2013

Maria Tarasevich with Alexaner Gureev

Restaurant BISTROT

A holiday concert MARIA TARASEVICH & VADIM EILENKRIG " The Look of Love.."

On February 22, Restaurant BISTROT hosted a holiday and jazz concert of magnificent singer Maria Tarasevich and the best modern trumpeter Vadim Eilenkrig " The Look of Love..". The program featured the most beautiful compositions about love and the brightest hits from Duke Ellington & George Gershwin repertoire. The duet of Maria Tarasevich and Vadim Eilenkrig really captured the audience with its brightness and melodiousness! Moreover in the concert took part Aleksandr Gureev, Igor Ivanushkin, Igor Liamcev and Igor Ignatov.

08 February 2013

Veronika Danilova

Restaurant BISTROT


On February 8, Restaurant BISTROT hosted the concert of Soul star magnificent Veroniki Danilovoy and her Project Combo Band! Danilova is a singer, who manage to touch the deepest feelings of viewers! She has found inimitable style in music. Soul style comes from the bottom of her soul and heart. Her singing, bright and dynamic, touched deeply listener’s feelings, her strong and heartfelt voice tell You a very inmost things – about relationships, looses, happiness and love. Veronica performed her own songs and also world famous hits!

01 February 2013

Grace Garland with Maria Tarasevich

Cafe “Chaikovski”

R&B star, the most rousing singer in New York GRACE GARLAND!!!

For the first time, on February 1, at the restaurant “Chaikovski” a concert was given staring the most rousing singer in New York GRACE GARLAND! Maria Tarasevich was the organizer and the show hostess. Jazz- Diva and actress GRACE GARLAND who is well-known by her duets with such stars as singer Rob Tomas, flautist Bobby Humphrey, an owner of Grammy Award composer and poet Judy Gold and a genius bluesman B.B. King! Due to her incredibly artistic manner of performance, bright and hearty voice timbre GRACE GARLAND literally “blow up the audience”!

26 October 2012

Restaurant “Blackberry”


On October 26, at the restaurant “Blackberry” firstly in Russia the Action “Jazz against drugs’’ was held. Jazz singer and producer Maria Tarasevich was the author of the idea and the organizer. “This problem is very important for me. Unfortunately it affected badly some of my friends and people who are really dear for me, many of whom now are dead. I am glad that jazz stars, the most talented musicians supported our Action! Evidently now this problem became more actual and we should not pretend that it isn’t our concern.

28 September 2012

Danil Kosenkov

Restaurant BlackBerry

The party in honour of legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra «The best of Sinatra ».

On September 28, restaurant BlackBerry co-sponsored with tobacco house Sobranie hosted the party in honour of legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra «The best of Sinatra ». The program featured the concert of People's Artist of Russia Yuri Shahin and his band. Yuri Shahin is one of the brilliant jazz performers. He is the soloist of Oleg Lunstrem’s orchestra. In Moscow music world his voice is compared with Frank Sinatra’s voice. On the stage he is a real embodiment of charm, fascination and melodiousness. He performs at the most prestigious arenas of Moscow and St.

27 July 2012

Bobby Harden

Restaurant BlackBerry

The concert of a tremendous singer and musician BOBBY HARDEN( NYC)!

On July 27, restaurant BlackBerry hosted a grandiose concert of “the heartiest guy from New York” – the singer and musician BOBBY HARDEN! Maria Tarasevich was the organizer and the show hostess, supported by tobacco house ‘Sobranie”. Among the guests of the party were restaurateur Aleksandr Smelyanski, Russian honoured artist Nina Shatskaya, businessman Gleb Smirnov and many others. Bobby Harden performed the compositions of his own and also worldwide hits!

20 July 2012

Омар Торрес и Мария Тарасевич

Restaurant "THE SAD"

The Star of California, guitar-player and singer OMAR TORREZ (LA)!

On July 20, restaurant "THE SAD" proudly presented the concert of marvelous guitar-player and singer from Los Angeles OMAR TORREZ. Omar Torrez is a virtuoso-guitarist, called “the quickest fingers of the West” and the second Jimmy Hendrix! Omar literally rush in the music scene! During the festival Bumbershoot at concert hall Seattle Opera he performed with another person’s guitar and had no trouble to won a national guitar-players contest. In 2008 Tom Waits himself noticed Omar Torres and offered him to join his band.

16 May 2012

Олег Киреев

Restaurant Blackberry

Feng Shui Jazz Party – Oleg Kireyev & Exotic Band!

On May 16 restaurant Blackberry hosted the concert of the star of world Jazz scene Oleg Kireyev and "Exotic Band". Oleg presented the audience his project “EvroAsia” which combines world music: Chinese, Indian, Tatar and Jewish melodies in the most fashionable jazz arrangements. Oleg Kireyev is a real Guru of Etno Jazz! His disc “Mandala” was nominated for an award Grammy and Oleg himself was awarded the title the people’s artist of Bashkiria. The audience greeted musicians with great enthusiasm. Maria Tarasevich was the show hostess and the organizer.

20 April 2012

Дмитрий Пухов, Мария Тарасевич, Андрей Горожанкин

Restaurant BlackBerry

The concert of the best European vocal group «ACAPELLA EXPRESS»

On April 20 Maria Tarasevich Restaurant BlackBerry hosted the concert of the best European vocal group «ACAPELLA EXPRESS» Maria Tarasevich was the show hostess and the organizer. «ACAPELLA EXPRESS» is one of very first and successful projects "Universal Music Russia". The guys without any instrument and only by their voices imitate a full Band! The performance of «ACAPELLA EXPRESS» in Blackberry was well received by the viewers! The band performed its new program “HIT Of HITS! - potpourri from striking compositions of all styles in the most fashionable arrangements!

16 March 2012

Вадим Эйленкриг и Мария Тарасевич

Restaurant BlackBerry

The concert of the best trumpeter of the present time VADIMA EILENKRIG & JAZZ CLUB PROJECT!!!

On March 16, restaurant BlackBerry presented the concert of the best trumpeter of the present time VADIMA EILENKRIG & JAZZ CLUB PROJECT! Vadim Eilenkrig shine with his performances on the most prestigious world arenas, the most experienced audience EURO-JAZZ CONTEST in Belgium applauded him and true “jazz gourmets” in Karnegi Hall and Linkaln Centre. The atmosphere of Vadim Eilenkrig’s show in BlackBerry transferred the audience into unreal times of America 30th. Vadim gave the guests of the party a greatest pleasure by his compositions from Lui Armstrong, Dizi Gilersy repertoire.

10 February 2012

Restaurant BlackBerry


On February 10, restaurant BlackBerry housed the concert of marvelous singer, the star of Jazz-Rock & Soul Veronika Danilova. Veronica’s program featured songs written by her own and world-famous hits. The audience stood applauding the singer, her strong and sensible voice impressed the audience greatly. Maria Tarasevich was the party organizer.

16 December 2011

Мария Тарасевич и Джэйми Дэвис


The concert of singer and actor JAMIE DAVIS (NYC)!

On December 16, restaurant BlackBerry hosted New Year’s Eve concert of the singer and actor from New York JAMIE DAVIS! Maria Tarasevich was the organizer and the hostess of the party. Jamie impressed the audience by his incendiary singing, bright temperament and marvelous voice! In a duet with Maria Tarasevich Jamie Davis performed Duke Elingtone’s famous song "Don't Get Around Much Anymore", their performance brought about a storm of delight of the public.

26 November 2011

Мария Тарасевич и Джульет Келли

Restaurant Shale Berezka

The concert of magnificent singer from Great Britain JULIET KELLY!

On November 26, at the most fashionable of Rublevka the concert was given staring Jazz singer and composer from London JULIET KELLY! Maria Tarasevich was organizer and hostess of the party. Juliet impressed well the public by her naturalness and charm. Singer recommended herself as the author of splendid jazz ballads. Her sweet and sensible reminded the audience of well-known and everybody's favorite Nina Simon. The guests of the party included. Such celebrities as Henri Tobie de Monspey, producer Aleksandr Shulgin, singer Nina Shatskaya, businessman Maxim Pavlushin and many others.