13 October 2011

Bobby Harden

Luch Restaurant

The Original Blues Brothers Band & BOBBY HARDEN (NYC)!

On October 13, LUCH presented a grand concert of the cult New York band, The Original Blues Brothers Band, and their magnificent soloist BOBBY HARDEN! The musicians startled the guests with the dynamics and rousing tunes. Maria Tarasevich was the promoter and host of the event. BOBBY HARDEN is a bright and energetic singer, whose talent has won New York, Chicago and Los Angeles! He is a magnificent showman, musician and actor, the most openhearted singer of Manhattan. An incredible voice, energy and charm—all these won't let anyone to stay indifferent!

22 September 2011

Denis Rowland


The concert of a legendary singer and actor DENNIS ROWLAND (USA)

DENNIS ROWLAND, a legendary singer and actor, performed at the Stakan, a restaurant located at the XVIII century manor of Count Khludov, on 22nd of September. Maria Tarasevich was the organizer and the host of the evening. DENNIS ROWLAND made quite an impression with his artistry and charm! When Count Basie was still alive, DENNIS ROWLAND had been singing in his band for 7 years. Then he performed together with such jazz icons like Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and Tony Bennett.

13 July 2011

Mikhail Fridman, Grigory Bereskin with friends

Beef Bar

Birthday Party. California State Stars - OMAR TORREZ & ERIC MCFADDEN!

On July 13, 2011, Beef Bar threw a grand party to celebrate its birthday under the sponsorship of MARTELL. Maria Tarasevich was the promoter and organizer of the event. The evening had great success, which was partly due to a concert of two incredible musicians from Los Angeles—Omar Torrez, a guitar virtuoso, renowned Tom Waits, and Eric McFadden, a guitar player, singer and composer. The musicians won the audience with their fiery Spanish themed songs. Also the audience heard several new songs from the new disk of Omar Torrez written by the maestro!

23 June 2011

Alvan Jhonson

ANDREAS Restaurant

Performance of ALVON JOHNSON, a guitar player and singer from Chicago

An unforgettable concert of a guitar player and singer from Chicago Alvon Johnson took place at ANDREAS on June 23. Alvon had already performed in the capital of Russia last year, and his Moscow debut was a great success! But this concert was particularly dynamic and brilliant and made an unforgettable impression on the audience. A duet of Alvon Johnson and Veronica Danilova, a great soul singer, became the culmination of the evening. The audience was reluctant to let this unusual tandem off the stage and stood up to greet musicians!

09 June 2011


Le Restaurant

The golden voice—one of the brightest stars of soul music—NICOLAS BEARDE (USA)!

A new French restaurant, Le Restaurant, opened its doors for the summer season on June 9, 2011. The lovely opening ceremony was marked by the appearance of a special guest, American singer, one of the brightest stars of soul music, NICOLAS BEARDE! NICOLAS won the audience with his sensuous performance of beautiful jazz ballads. His voice touched the deepest strings of the guests' souls. The audience warmly welcomed the American guest. The best Russian musicians, Eugeny Grechischev and Sergey Hutas, played together with NICOLAS BEARDE.

07 April 2011

Alisa Tolkacheva, Masha Tihonova, Daniil Fedorov, Masha Tarasevich

CASTA DIVA Restaurant

Feng Shui Jazz Show - OLEG KIREYEV & Exotic Band. Prizes and gifts from CITIBANK!

On April 7, Casta Diva restaurant proudly presented a concert of the multi-instrumentalist and composer OLEG KIREYEV & Exotic Band. The show, striking in its colorfulness, impressed the audience with the magnetism and originality. OLEG KIREYEV's EURASIA Project, with the disc MANDALA, which has already been recorded, was nominated for the Grammy. The Exotic Band plays the world music: Chinese, Jewish or African, which is presented in original jazz arrangements. Their shows are always unique and inimitable.

31 March 2011

Natalya Gornaeva

Beef Bar Restaurant

The legend of New York, singer BOBBY HARDEN, the soloist of famous Original Blues Brothers Band

On March 31, the magnificent BOBBY HARDEN, the soloist of the famous Original Blues Brothers Band, performed at Beef Bar. The event was organized and hosted by Maria Tarasevich. BOBBY HARDEN impressed the audience by his dynamism, splendid voice and great drive. This performance is to be well-remembered by the viewers also because it has turned into a real Show. BOBBY spoke with the audience and literally made the entire audience to dance and sing along with him!

18 February 2011


Beef Bar Restaurant

Concert of the New York Star: singer and guitarist ALLAN HARRIS!

On February 18, within the framework of Jazz Triumph Festival, BEEF BAR hosted the concert of the bright and dynamical singer from New York, ALLAN HARRIS! Masha Tarasevich acted as the organizer and the show hostess, sponsored by PANAVTO, the official dealer of Mercedes - Benz. ALLAN HARRIS, insuperable musician and singer, took the Moscow audience by storm by his unique voice and the manner of performance. The joint duet with Maria Tarasevich of Everything Must Change became the culmination of the concert.

23 December 2010

Snegolya Tishinskas

Beef Bar Restaurant

Jazz Christmas Party.

R&B King - ROY YOUNG (USA). On December 23, Beef Bar, the most fashionable Moscow restaurant, hosted the New Year's jazz concert of a lively musician and singer from America, ROY YOUNG. The Blues, Soul and R&B King, magnificent and inimitable ROY YOUNG literally dazed the audience by his performance. Masha Tarasevich acted as organizer and hostess of the show. Banker Nikolay Shitov, businessman Dmitry Perevalov, Skolkovo Vice-President Dmitry Kolosov, Camilla Baysarova, Tatyana Emson and many others were present.

24 November 2010

Maria Tarasevich

KASTA DIVA Restaurant.

Soul Star, singer POLINA ZIZAK.

Prizes and gifts from CITIBANK! On November 24, KASTA DIVA, sponsored by CITIBANK, hosted the concert of young jazz singer POLINI ZIZAK. Masha Tarasevich acted as the organizer and the show hostess. Polina Zizak, daughter of famous drummer Edward Zizak, has recently made her name on the jazz scene. Her bright and lively performance undoubtedly captivated listeners. Polina was accompanied by the starry cast of musicians: Edward Zizak - drums, Anton Baronin - piano, Sergey Hutas - contrabass.

17 November 2010

Snegolya Tichinskas and Synyhia Saunders

BEEF BAR Restaurant.

Presenting CYNTHIA SAUNDERS, a jazz singer from Miami. First time in Moscow!

On November 17, BEEF BAR hosted the concert of jazz singer from Miami CYNTHIA SAUNDERS. The singer has been in Moscow for the first time and her first concert took place at our jazz party organized by Maria Tarasevich. The audience welcomed the foreign guest with warmth and admiration. And the composition Caravan performed by CYNTHIA SAUNDERS almost blew up the hall! Among visitors there were businessman Michael Fridman, businessman Grigory Berezkin, count Anry de Mospet, Olga Kornilova and many others. Maria Tarasevich was the show hostess.

21 October 2010

Julia Huff and Maria Tarasevich

BEEF BAR Restaurant.

Chicago Jazz Diva JULIA HUFF presents her solo concert!

First time in Moscow! On October 21, Beef Bar hosted the jazz party organized by Maria Tarasevich with the participation of Julia Huff, the magnificent jazz singer, TV presenter and model from Chicago! Julia has been in the Russian capital for the fist time and debuted at our Jazz Party with a tremendous success. Among the visitors of the party there were TV celebrities, cinema and business personalities: businessman Iskander Makhmudov, businessman Gleb Smirnov, restaurateur Natalia Gornaeva, TV presenter Victoria Bonya and many others. Maria Tarasevich was the show hostess.

16 September 2010

Igor Butman and Maria Tarasevich

KASTA DIVA Restaurant

Concert of the world jazz star Igor BUTMAN and Maria TARASEVICH.

On September 16, KASTA DIVA hosted the concert of the saxophonist Igor Butman and jazz singer Maria Tarasevich, sponsored by CITIBANK. The program included Igor Butman's compositions, as well as compositions of Dizzy Gillespie, George Benson and Duke Ellington. The audience received enthusiastically the composition Killing Me Softly performed by Maria Tarasevich. Actress Elena Zakharova, businessman Andrey Gusarov aka "Satori", Konstantin Andrikopulos, Irson Kudikova with the spouse, businessman Denis Mananyin (VTB) and many others were present.

14 July 2010

The sponsor of action - AUDI

Beef Bar

Concert by JANINE CARTER,American Jazz Diva.

On July 14 at the there was a Concert at the Beef Bar Restaurant starring Washington star singer diva JANINE CARTER. Maria Tarasevich was the organizer and Master of Ceremonies. The concert was sponsored by AUDI. CARTER appeared in the capitol for the first time and her debut at Beef Bard was accompanied by the best Russian musicians including the marvelous saxophonist Aleksandr Gureev.

01 July 2010

Gleb Smirnov, Sendy, Maria Tarasevich

Restaurant Casta-Diva

Concert by VERONIKA

DANILOVA,Russian Soul Singer and PROJECT COMBO Band. On July 1 at the restaurant Casta-Diva there was a concert by the Soul singer VERONIKA DANILOVA and the band PROJECT COMBO. Veronika offered the listeners her own strong, clear, unusually voice with its beautiful timbre. She sang well known jazz hits as well as some compositions of her own. Maria Tarasevich was the organizer of the event and she also Prizes and gifts given by CITIBANK, the evenings sponsor, have pleased the evenings guests.

16 June 2010

Alvon Jhonson

Beef Bar

Performance by ALVON JOHNSON

On June 16 at the BEEF BAR a concert was held featuring the guitarist and singer from Chicago ALVON JOHNSON. Maria Tarasevich was the organizer of the event and she also appeared as its Master of Ceremonies. This was Alvon Johnson's first appearance in the capitol. King of Blues and Rock and Rock, he is a tremendous musician Showman! His concert at the Beef Bar grabbed the listeners with its dynamism and sharpness. The public were driven crazy with excitement by Alvon and didn't let him let him go from the stage.

27 May 2010

Danise Thimes with Maria Tarasevich

Restaurant CASTA-DIVA

Jazz night with DENISE THIMES

On May 27 at the restaurant CASTA-DIVA a concert was given staring DENISE THIMES, a vocalist from Los Angeles. Maria Tarasevich was the organizer of the event which was sponsored by CITIBANK and she also appeared as its Master of Ceremonies. DENISE THIMES is a jazz singer of the highest order. She has had the honor of performing before the Queen of England and the American President. Her first concerts in Moscow were a phenomenal success. Her penetrating voice and magnificent performing manner immediately captured the Moscow public.

26 March 2010

Maria Tarasevich, Dmitry Yakubovskiy with wife

Restaurant Gorki

Jazz concert...leading singer of IGOR BUTMANs Big Band, Jazz Diva MARIA TARASEVICH !!!

Jazz concert of Maria Tarasevich took place at restaurant GORKI on March 26th . Maria presented her program " All about Duke Ellington..". Best Russian musicians were accompanying to Maria: Igor Lyamtsev - pianoforte, Igor Ivanushkin - basso, Igor Ignatov - drums. Special guest of evening- Pavel Chetmakovsriy (guitar).

05 March 2010

Maria Tarasevich

Restaurant TURANDOT

Classical concert "Everything for Ladys..".

Classical concert "Everything for Ladys.." leading singer of Bolshoi Theate, People's Artiste of Russia - Vladimir Redkin at the restaurant TURANDOT. The Evening of Russian Romance"Everything for Ladys.." managed by Maria Tarasevich took place at the restaurant TURANDOT as a part of series of classic evenings on March 5th. leading singer of Bolshoi Theater and Teatro alla Scala People's Artiste of Russia Vladimir Redkin entertained the guests with the most beautiful romances about love!

04 February 2010

Dima Bilan,Maria Tarasevich, Nina Shatskaya

Restaurant TURANDOT

On the 4th of February in the restaurant TURANDOT classical concert...

Queen of russian romance,singer NINA SHATSKAYA. Classic evening «In the Mood for Love» was held at the restaurant TURANDOT on February 4th.Queen of russian romance,singer NINA SHATSKAYA entertained the guests with the most beautiful romances about love. World stage star DMITRIY BILAN was the special guest of the evening. Maria Tarasevich appeared as the evening manager and host.