Just Maria


Friday-Express American Russian Weekly Newspaper, June 21-27 1996

I happened to speak to different stars: theatre, music, TV, movie, stomatology, design, restaurant, art… business at last. But I had no lucky chance to meet an erotic star. This happy day came. A big turmoil began with her arrival: reporters of all newspapers ran races to reach the luxurious Beverly-Hills hall – all in gold and velvet. Thanks God, they managed without regular skirmish this time. The star agreed to give exclusive interview at once. Well, I don't want to torture the reader so long and confess that I met Maria Tarasevich - the first Russian Playboy playmate! Having curbed emotional shock caused by Maria's dazzling beauty and coming to myself and restoring my ability to speak after loosing consciousness I got down to longed-for interview. 

Getting down to the pet subject of most people, could you help to distinguish eroticism from pornography? Audience in America doesn't know the difference for sure. 

Pornography is pornography! It must cause quite definite desires in people. As for eroticism, emotions and means are absolutely different. They lie on a subconscious delicate level. Pornography is primitive, eroticism is art, but the border between them is very thin and one should be very careful about it. 

How can you prove to an average citizen that your pictures are eroticism, art? 

I have no purpose to prove it. I only want to express myself in this way. I don't want to prove anything to anybody. It's the most stupid thing to do. It's no use proving anything to anybody. Why should I spend my life on this? There are better things to do. 

Who is your favorite model? 

Sindey Crawford 

Do you think you hit top ten models of the Playboy history? 

I surely do! Sorry, I am so immodest. (Laughs). 

You are in America for the first time. What are your impressions? 

I haven't seen much yet. Together with representatives of different editions in Australia, Brazil and other countries I visited Hugh Hephner's American mansion. As for my impressions… Well, many people try to calm me down by saying that Los-Angeles is not America, but a separate state. My impressions are various and contradictory. I have traveled the length and breadth of Europe, I worked in Paris, Italy and Switzerland, but there is nothing like here. It's a different world. 

If communist Gennadi Zyuganov wins, aren't you afraid to get in prison? 

If Zyuganov wins I will get into Guinness book of records, because I will become the first and the last, what means the only Playmate in the history of Russia.