Photo and Jazz Party by Maria Tarasevich


10 July 2008

Prado Cafe

On July 10th, 2008 Prado Cafe hosted the photo and jazz party arranged by Maria Tarasevich, a producer and jazz singer. One of the first guests of the event was Aleksey Mitrofanov, a deputy of the State Duma with two charming ladies. The next were Marina Golub, an actress, and Petr Marchenko, First Channel Host, with his spouse. The next guests of the party were Daniil Fedorov, an artist and Evelina Bledance, who gave a little show with a Teddy bear for the press. The evening was devoted to bringing together cultures of different nations of the world. Maria Tarasevich opened the evening and expressed her gratitude to Danview and Macallan companies. And then a unique Photo Slide Show of William Roppe, a prominent French photographer, accompanied by ethnic music, began for numerous guests of Prado Cafe. The evening was marked by the performance of Oleg Kireev, a world-renowned jazz singer and Exotic Band, which began after a short break. The guests of the event (including Lena Lenskaya, a fashion designer, Andrey Boyko, Burevestnik Yacht Club President and Evgeniy Kruykov, an actor, enjoyed Chinese, Jewish, Mongol and Tatar melodies in jazz interpretation. At the end of the show the famous play Karavan by Oleg Kireev left the audience in awe. The Bohemian public stayed outside Prado Cafe for quite some time sharing their impressions from the eventful evening.