Vadim Eilekrig, Jazz Club Project and DJ Livan


28 February 2008

Kalina Bar

On February 28th, the fashionable Kalina Bar Restaurant housed a jazz concert organized by Mariya Tarasevich and Anna Balasheva, with participation of Vadim Eilenkrig, Jazz Club Project and DJ Livan. The night had a unique atmosphere of an unforgettable and enticing city at night. The appearance of Vadim Eilenkrig with DJ Livan brought about a storm of emotions and delight of the public. The deep and moving voice of Maria Tarasevich was complemented with Eilenkrig’s lively passages. The guests of the party included Timaty, Aleksander Shulgin, Victoriya Pierre-Mari, Fabrica, Stas Piekha, business elite and the most beautiful ladies of Moscow.