Tarasevich and Guseva: we are seeking the last bachelor


TELEGLAZ. AIF newspaper 48(124), November, 2002

A new program with an attractive title “The Last Bachelor” appeared on the REN-TV channel. Maria Tarasevich, a model, and Eugenia Guseva, an actress are the presenters of the show. 

- There appeared many new shows on TV similar to the “Bachelor” of late, but all heroes of such shows are just a fraud. What about your show? 

Zhenya: No fraud at all! All heroes are real. Our editors check the heroes’ passports; there should not be marriage registration stamps. We gave advertisements in newspapers and many heroes came to us. They are absolutely real. It is easily seen on the TV screen. 

- What is the idea of your show? 

Masha: It is a psychological and entertainment show at the same time. We wanted to reveal the men’s psychology to women. We want to explain how men look upon family, sex, money problems, what a man expects from a woman and what he is ready to give her. We want to help a woman to understand a man’s mentality, which is so different from a woman’s one. A woman should learn not to reject but to accept a man’s mentality as it is. The motto of our show is: “The more a woman and a man know about each other the fewer problems they will have”. The show attracts not only women, but men as well. It is interesting to watch at yourself from a distance. 

Zhenya: Our mission is serious and important. We are trying to help people to find their happiness. What’s wrong about a man being married? It is a bachelor who is lacking something. To be more exact, he is lacking the beloved wife. 

- How do you select the hero for your show? 

Masha: First the possible heroes come to our studio and fill in the questionnaire. Then Andrei Leonidov, the editor of our program talks to them. He selects people of different age, different social level and different professions. Neither I, nor Zhenya meet the heroes before the show. 

- But why? 

Zhenya: Masha and I look through the questionnaires; get information from their friends, relatives and even enemies. We get our own impression about the man. Sometimes the hero finds himself in a very complicated situation because we know more about him than he thinks we do. Sometimes his reaction is very effective. He sees us for the first time and suddenly it appears that we know so many things about him 

- Are there cases when the presenters feel a great sympathy for the hero? 

Masha: Anything may happen. But we must not show our actual feelings. It’s a game! Our purpose is to show the hero in different aspects. And – what is the most important – we must make our audience to get interested in the hero. 

- Why are there two presenters? 

Zhenya: Two presenters are two sides of one woman. One of us does not quite believe the man (this is Masha’s role). The other sees nothing but his virtues (it’s me). Sometimes we exchange roles. As two sides of one woman we are trying to pull out different sides of one man which can be a surprise even to him. 

- What do you think: are men sincere with you? 

Masha: Our heroes are rather open. They want to tell us much more than he would tell to the camera, suppose, we ask a question and the man says: “I will answer this question only if you stop shooting”. He just wants to speak out. We check all questions at the lie detector. By the end of the show we find an average sincerity index for the hero. For some people it is rather low, some men are too frank. They all want to marry. But some men believe that it is better to look before you leap. 

Lyudmila Nikolaeva