Star pie


Russia newspaper, 8.02.2001

Woman with strong voices - whether opera, variety or jazz singers - are always stout. But there can be happy exclusions. For example, Maria Tarasevich, a famous jazz woman, Igor Butman's orchestra soloist, former vocalist of Anatoli Kroll's group, a conservatoire and Gnesins' Musical Academy graduate. 

Recently we met Masha Tarasevich at the Triumph of Jazz held at the Cinema House. Jazz woman as well as Sergei Manukian, Igor Butman's Big Band and Billy Cabam, king of drums, who wrote three hundred books on basic rules of playing percussion instruments, specially invited on the occasion, charmed ears of outstanding politicians, movie and show businessmen; Alexander Voloshin, Oleg Sysuev, Igor Shabdurasulov, Alexander Lyubimov, Yuli Gusman, Alexander Abdulov, Andrei Voznesenski among them.