She does everything beautifully, and sings beautifully as well!


Playboy magazine July 1997

There is a rather insulting American word – bimbo. It refers to attractive girls without special merits. Masha Tarasevich – for those, who doesn't remember, she is the first Russian playmate – is not among them. She is smart and gifted, she sings wonderfully and writes charming melodies. Did you see Paganini clip? Both music and words belong to Maytree, i.e. to our Masha. And now Black Silk, her debut disc appears. We sincerely state with our hand on the heart, that this job is actually excellent and is made in the style, which Russia lacks. Jazz, sole, funk, rave, a bit of smash hits (V.Matetski is among the authors), clear voice, and everything is so sexy! This album is perhaps the hottest and most sensual in the modern Russian pop-music. Masha would have become Maytree without our non-musical edition, yet we feel pride for our "daughter". We love you, Masha! 

Artemy Troitski