Playmate – girls from Playboy


MARIE CLAIR magazine, December 1998

Masha studied at a musical school in the class of violin. She participated in all school performances and then began to stage her own shows, which according to her own words everybody liked. Did the audience like her personally? She thinks that she was not beautiful as a child, just like many others. She was distinguished by boldness and purposefulness, which allowed Masha at the age of 12 to win the Red Carnation contest in Byelorussia. She is still proud of it. When Masha studied at the 8th form she was invited to shoot in movie; thus her career as an actress started. She went to a theatrical studio and after finishing school she went to Moscow where she entered Musical Academy named after Gnesins at the department of variety singing. 

Masha decided to send her pictures to the Playboy contest herself without consulting anybody. She didn't ask her parents because they were far away. She didn't inform her boyfriend because she doubted about success. So she sent her photographs and left. She almost forgot about it because she was busy with her music. A couple of months passed and she unexpectedly got the reply: she had passed the first round and was invited to trials. On finishing the first shooting Howard's assistant came up to her and confidentially said that she was the best. 

She enjoyed everything: the atmosphere, people and most of all – work approach. 

What did this experience bring to her? It gave acquaintances, friends and a good starting point. For example, Masha is still on friendly terms with Artemi Troitski. What was her friends' and parents' reaction? Well, they are quite up-to-date people and they reacted accordingly. At present Masha is interested in musical activity and gives herself to it completely.