Playboy Election Commission calls the winner: it is Maria!

Playboy June 1996 

She is 22. She was born in Minsk and of course she is charming. Masha finished a musical school, graduated from the Academy named after Gnesins, played in musicals and at present she sings jazz with Anatoly Kroll's Big-Band. And now she has become the first Playmate of the Russian PLAYBOY. How did it happen? Everything started from Columbine. It was Merry Death by Valentine Gneushev - a fantastic musical show with elements of circus and theatrical performances. My role of Columbine was rather erotic. I wore a white transparent dress and coming to the scene before the spectators I felt that is was something quite new to me. This action had a special meaning". (The editors express their thanks to Mr. Gneushev). Then I bought a Russian PLAYBOY and saw Sindey Crawford on the cover who is my idol. Her interview impressed me and then I saw her pictures and an invitation to take part in the contest for the First Playmate title. (The editors express their thanks to Ms. Crawford). I selected several pictures of me made by Valeri Plotnikov (thanks also!) and sent them to the magazine". 

She confesses that after a month she clean forgot about it. "I thought: it's a usual venal and fake contest with frame results". (Our editorial staff stayed at the office till midnight choosing finalists out of hundreds exciting pictures and feeling sorry that there could be only one finalist). 

And at last what was to happen happened. 

"There were two most exciting events in my life. The first one is my performance at the jazz festival in Montreau. I sang in the rain, which grew into a heavy shower and – as the culmination – thunder rumbled, lightning sparkled and hailing started. And the second event was of course shooting for Playboy! I was lucky to work with Howard de Roos, the photographer, and Iolanda Sonig, the stylist. They are great artists. I loved shooting. It was marvelous. I never felt any tension or doubt whether my decision to start shooting was right or not". 

" I wish to share everything good that I managed to cultivate in me with people". Her beauty and ability to make others happy is, in our opinion, one of the most invaluable gifts.