Performance of Maria Tarasevich at Heidi Hollinger's book launch "The Russians Emerge", New York.

On December 5, 2002 a book launch of the photo album “The Russians Emerge” (“Abbeville Press” Publishers, New York) of the famous Canadian photographer Heidi Hollinger took place at the Russian Consulate in New York. The album contains photo portraits of prominent Russian politicians, businessmen and the representatives of contemporary art elite. Maria Tarasevich is one of the heroes of the book, foreword by the first Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev. Jonathan Sanders, expert on Russia wrote the texts and comments. The publisher Bob Abrams, the authors Heidi Hollinger and Jonathan Sanders, Russian Consul Mr. Pavlovskiy, expert on Russia Stephen Cohen, “Talking Heads” lead singer David Byrne visited the party as well as the press and TV.

Performing of Maria Tarasevich had a great success. Russian - American audience was delighted by both Russian folk songs and jazz compositions.

The cover of the photo album “The Russians Emerge”.

Portrait of Maria Tarasevich by Heidi Hollinger from the album “The Russians Emerge”.