Maytree, eastern love


Turizm y Otdykh (Tourism and Rest) September 1997

Maytree is Maria Tarasevish's stage-name. Last year Masha became a producer, composer and author of texts for Black Silk - her first solo album. Before this event she became the first star of the Russian Playboy. Now Masha is working at her new album. She believes that the best verses and melodies occur while traveling. 

"I feel that I was born with this passion to traveling, but it is not just the wish to see places. I toured around the whole world and understood how strongly I feel the energy of the cities and countries, which I visited. Each voyage is a kind of a tuning fork, which tunes up the soul disposing it in some special, unique way... 

I feel that the East is very close to me. My stage-name is not casual. Maytree is an eastern concept of a true love. 

Now I am working at my new album. It is the period I like best. I speak with composers and musicians and select songs. I would like to create music which could tell about a woman who lives, sings and loves today, on the eve of a new century, a new millennium".