Maria Tarasevich’s Вirthday

On August 28, 2002 a banquet on the occasion of Maria Tarasevich’s birthday took place at the Restoration club. The most close friends, relatives and colleagues came to congratulate Maria. Igor Butman with his charming wife Oksana, Konstantin Arsenev, a poet and a musical producer, Victor Shenderovich, a writer and a television presenter, Vladimir Ruga, vice-president of Sybneft company, Kira Surikova, a writer and others were present at the party. Oleg Rumyantsev, the vice-president of the Shell Company and Yuri Rozum, the National Artist of Russia gave a handmade Spanish guitar to Masha as a present. Maria was very happy with this long-expected present: “It is the dearest present for me. For my whole life I have been dreaming of learning to play the guitar though I studied at a specialized school studying to play the violin. But Nicolo Paganini said: “I am the king of violin and the guitar is my queen. Not long ago I got acquainted with Al Di Meola, an Italian guitarist. This acquaintance inspired me and now I am dreaming to play this instrument. I will start to take lessons in guitar playing in the nearest future”.

Oleg Rumyantsev, Yuri Rozum and Maria Tarasevich

Yuri Rozum and Maria Tarasevich

Maria Tarasevich, Al Di Meola and Oksana Butman

Maria Tarasevich and Victor Shenderovich