Grandiose concert “Jazz Triumph” in Central House of Cinema

On January 27 in the Central House of Cinema a grandiose concert “Jazz Triumph” took place. It was arranged by Igor Shabdurasulov - ex-vice head of Kremlin administration. Igor Bautman’s band, Maria Tarasevich, guitarists Igor Boiko with Alexey Kusnetsov, Sergey Manukan - singer, Andrey Kondakov - pianist and an American star drum player Billy Cobham were involved in the performance. Among the audience were Alexander Voloshin, Oleg Sisuev (the 1-st deputy chairman of Alfa-Bank), Peter Aven (the president of Alfa-Bank), poet Andrey Vosnesenskiy and many others.

“We were received very warmly!” - Maria Tarasevich recalls. “The applause was ecstatic. The concert lasted for four hours and almost nobody from the audience left. Billy Cobham is a wonderful drum player!!! We became acquainted a month ago in December 2000 when Igor Bautman invited Billy to “Le Club” to play some concerts. At that time our usual drum player Edward Zizak was having an appendicitis operation and we decided to invite Billy Kabhem - such a magnificent replacement!!! Singing with him was great luck!!! Unusually deep sense of rhythm, high standard of music and the professionalism of a great Master. It was a gift of fate to sing with such a musician!!!”