George Benson’s concert

On November 8, 2002 the only concert George Benson, a famous singer, composer and pianist took place at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses in Moscow. Billy, the artist’s road manager, introduces Maria Tarasevich to the legendary musician. Maria told us about her impression: “This meeting was like a dairy dream for me. I couldn’t believe it was possible to speak to the man with whose music I was brought up, whose songs I listened to when I was the student of the Gnesins School. George impressed me. He is fantastically musical and very easy to deal with – “star” signs. He is the heart of any company and he is all music himself. … I do love good music, I like singers or musicians with their unique personality, like, for example, Cezaria Evora, a bright Portuguese singer.

Maria Tarasevich and George Benson

Maria Tarasevich and Cezaria Evora