The Beauty and the Jazzman


Play Magazine. July 2007

  • Russian jazzmen very rarely make CDs. This is even more true for leading performers, so any jazz release with a decent circulation is a real event. As for the project of Maria Tarasevich and Igor Butman, who does not need any introduction, it is absolutely unique. So, a couple of words about a singer, who does need introduction: Maria Tarasevich is a beautiful lady, who has sung with the Anatoly Kroll orchestra and was a Playboy Playmate. She performed the classic melodies known to all and everyone – Moondance, Autumn Leaves, Besame Mucho. She performs them without grief and pathos, but playfully and easily. As a result we get jazz at its best. This is respectable fun. Maria has a clear, ringing and flexible voice. Maria's signing is accompanied by jazz virtuosos, who have been working with Butman for a long time: drummer Eduard Zizak, piano players Anton Baronin and Aleksey Bekker, contrabass player Vitaliy Solomonov. Baronin is a unique treat for jazz lovers. And Butman’s solo in Whisper Not seems to be able to melt ice. It’s too bad he did not invite his big band for the recording. It could have been a real fairy tale!